In a conflict situation, where emotions are relatively intense, it’s not easy to consider one’s own situation and the other person’s point of view. So, with the help of a third party, the mediator undertakes to maintain a neutral position, open to the points of view of both parties. This professional will be able to support the understanding and clarification of each party’s reality, in order to make sense of what each is going through.

In this way, the mediator has two main missions:

  • help the parties to a dispute to re-establish communication between themselves and,
  • accompany them in their search for a win-win solution. This requires mutual cooperation to find solutions that take into account the interests and needs of all parties involved.

The values essential to this offer are mutual trust between the parties and the mediator, confidentiality of what is said during exchanges, the possibility of expressing one’s point of view without judgment, and support in the search for mutually beneficial solutions. The mediator remains open and neutral to everyone involved in the conflict.